May 26, 2009

On Sunday May 31, Pastor Ron Wedeking will present his third message about love and fellowship out of I John. The sermon title will be “Fellowship With Jesus,” based on I John 2:3-6.
Sometimes people seem to lack a sense of growing closer to God and complain that they are “not growing.” Sometimes they start thinking there isn’t anything in their fellowship or their church that is helping them grow in their relationship with Christ. And it is true that some fellowship groups seem closer than others, so we should take a close look at why that is a reality.
True Christian fellowship starts with acknowledging the love that Christ has for us. Then we demonstrate that love in our fellowship with one another. If we don’t comprehend our need for a growing fellowship with Jesus, we probably won’t be very successful in fellowship with each other. Pastor Ron’s message is going to describe how that happens and the outlook every Christian needs to have in order to be in fullfilling fellowship relationships in the body of believers. We hope you come and hear the message.
Attendance at our worhship services has been in the mid 30s; Sunday School in the high teens to low 20s.
On Sunday, June 7, we will have a special presentation regarding “Leadership & Ethics” by Dr. Tom Johnson at 8:30A. during the Sunday School hour, which of course you will notice is a half hour earlier than our regular Sunday School. Worship will start at 10:00AM with a potluck immediately following that, and a short congregational meeting after that. Somewhere in there we will hear the personal testimonies of Pastor Ron Wedeking and his wife Sheryl. It should be a wonderful day of edification, worship, and fellowship.
May God bless you this week.
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Love is a verb

May 18, 2009

Of course love a verb for Christians, but it is most commonly a noun in the secular world. Even so, many us Christians get caught up in talking about love rather than in actually loving each other as we are called by Jesus to do as He changes our lives. Our failure to love changes love from the verb form to a noun which defeats the message. We simply cannot let that happen.
Pastor Ron Wedeking has begun a series on that subject taken out of I John. He is excited for all of us as he takes us a scriptural/spiritual journey through I John that should lead us to a deeper committment to living the word rather than just understanding it. He imagines that if we truly would adopt the message and the mission that Jesus would have us undertake, we would, even as a very small church, change the world because of the power of Jesus. You ought to come at 10:00A for the next three Sundays and hear this powerful message.
On other subjects, we continue to show the Truth Project every Thursday at 7:00PM. Please call 331-7774 for location and details. The Truth Project can change your world view too.
Our two Bible Study groups continue at 9:00AM each Sunday. One is in I Samuel and the other in Acts. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
We will have Dr. Tom Johnson again on June 7 at 8:30AM when he will finish on the subject of Leadership and Ethics. It will be a busy Sunday as after the the conclusion of the worship service at about 11:15AM, we will have an all-church potluck and then a congregational meeting. Ministries get born at these meetings, so they aren’t just boring business meetings. You are invited to come as an observer or in any capacity as a friend of the church.
God bless you this week.

“Did your Mother teach you to talk that way?”

May 11, 2009

Such was the title for Darrell Wenzek’s message out of Genesis, Chapter 11 on Mother’s Day.
Have you ever thought about how Adam and Eve first learned to speak to each other? Well, the logical answer would be that God must have taught them. And in so far as we know, eveyone spoke the same language until God changed that in the land of Shinar when the people decided to build the Tower of Babel. As you might recall, it is a story about a people who planned to build a tower as their accomplishment without giving any credit for their ability given to them by God. The message for us is that we need to carefully consider the consequences of ignoring God in our lives and accomplishments.
On Saturday, we had 14 at our Men’s Fellowship breakfast at the Grange Hall. Jim Craft gave personal testimony after Steve Hochenedel cooked us a wonderful breakfast. It was the kind of breakfast everyone tries to keep you from eating. So thanks to Steve for helping us escape the clutches of the food police for at least one meal.
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May God keep blessing you.

Where you have come from does matter.

May 4, 2009

Our personal history is a testimonyabout why we are what we are today. Every moment in our lives builds to become a story that is often quite interesting. Other people can hear about what we have done and be inspired in a positive way. Sometimes we hear a story about how someone has come through a crisis and vow never to allow that to happen. In every case, we ought to learn from other people’s experiences.
All of that is true until someone mentions the name of Jesus. Then people are often quick to reject the lessons learned because the story becomes more than just interesting: it is a call for a changed life.
There are a lot of reasons why people don’t want to change. Most of them boil down to wanting to continue living life “my way,” even if that way is destructive and self defeating. They just can’t believe that although Jesus sometimes does ask you to make some changes, He will remain standing right there with you as you make those changes.
The personal testimonies of Darrell and Lois Wenzek were a powerful reminder of how Jesus changes lives. They were inspiring and we welcomed them into membership as is our custom. You Can let Jesus change your life too – today. He can do it!
On other sujects, we will have a Men’s Breakfast at 8:30A on Saturday May 9 at the Deer Lagoon Grange. Please come and enjoy wonderful food and great fellowship.
And please remember Tom Johnson will be with us again during the Sunday School hour at 8:30A on May 10 – MOTHERS DAY. He will address the subject of ethics.
God bless you and keep you this week.

Personal Testimony

April 28, 2009

Please come and hear the personal testimonies of Darrell & Lois Wenzek during our worship service this week. Listening to how someone came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is always a powerful reminder of how God can do marvelous things in people’s lives when they let Him. You will certainly be blessed if you will come this Sunday.
Our church membership requirements are quite simple since we are non-denominational. We simply require that you “confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead” such that your are saved. You can give your personal testimony to the elders or to the whole congregation if that is your desire. There are no classes to attend or other tests for you to pass to become a member of South Whidbey Community Church.
If you don’t already know, our worship style is somewhat casual. Our music is traditional and we sing mostly hymns. Our preachers always preach out of The Bible and we leave other agendas for others to speak of because we believe church is about learning of Jesus Christ and how He can change lives.
We hope to see you soon.

Ministry Moment

April 21, 2009

Do you remember our “Pass It Forward” ministry? Well, if you don’t, or haven’t even heard of it, here is a reminder.
Part of the “purpose” of our church is to serve the people on the southern end of our island. We do that by helping people get things done that they otherwise could not accomplish on their own. It can be personal care issues, fixing things around the house, helping with seemingly complicated problems, or just transportation. We can offer some financial assistance on a limited basis.
We hope to model Jesus’ leadership by being good servants to our community.
Sunday, April 26 will feature Pastor Darrell Wenzek preaching out of Gensis Chapter 9. The sermon is entitled “Boys Will Be Boys.” Sounds like it might have to do with the sinful nature of youth. And since we all think we are younger than we really are, it is likely to apply to all of us.
If you haven’t been to our services, you should know that we have comfortable chairs. And we will add to that number with another delivery soon. So you can expect a comfortable place to worship The Lord when you come to South Whidbey Community Church.
You should come expecting to hear a good Biblical message, with some singing of hymns, and prayer. Our services last for just over one hour. We want to respect your committment of time so we do not drag things out thinking that time spent will make us more spiritual. Of course our servies are certainly a spiritual experience, but that is a condition of the heart rather than something to be manuractured with prolonged prose. The worship service starts at 10:00AM. It is always over by 11:15AM.
And if you are a newcomer, we would like to take you to lunch.
So we hope to see you soon.


April 13, 2009

We celebrated the Seder Dinner with 44 people present and learned much about how God rescued His people from Egypt. It is one of the most amazing things that God has ever done for His people in all of recorded history. Even then God knew he would send a Messiah and was preparing His people for the future. But still, after they were out of Egypt, it took hundreds of years to pass before Jesus would arrive.
We also celebrated the reality of Jesus being that future to us with 52 people present on Easter Sunday, and a renactment of a dialogue between Peter & John. Of course the discussion centered on the question “Were you there when they crucified The Christ?”
Do you understand what Christ Did? Do you understand how that impacts your llife? Are you willing to do anything because of what you have learned?
We serve a risen and living Lord so we us hope and pray that you will, because he is able to things beyond your expectations.
In other news, The Ladies Bible Study will meet at 1:00P on Monday for a couple of weeks. Sunday School will be a combined class on April 19 and will include a presentation by Tom Johnson. On April 26, we will resume our regular classes that include studies in Samuel and The Acts. Of course we are continuing to show THE TRUTH PROJECT at the Walker residence every Thursday evening at 7:00PM. Please call 331-7774 for details on how to find the place.
This past week was a wonderful blessing for our believers. It was a lot of hard work for many in our Hospitability Ministry, but we were all blessed by their effort and by a wonderful sense of the presence of The Living God.
We hope you know the peace of God and if you don’t, come to our church and you will surly find someone who can help you find it and know it personally.
In Christ

Jesus is Alive

April 6, 2009

That is the central message of our Easter celebration. And that is what makes Christianity different from all other faiths. We serve a risen and living God who is concerned about our daily lives and hears our prayers. Our God is not someone who died a long time ago and cannot hear us. Jesus is alive, wants the best for us, and works in our lives – if we let Him.
So if you want to let Him work in your life, you should be worshipping with Christians somewhere on Easter Sunday morning. We suggest that you should come to the Deer Lagoon Grange this coming Sunday morning at 10:00AM to hear a wonderful Biblical message.
We will not have Sunday School that morning because we will be in preparation for the worship service and the potluck after the service. No reservations required. Please come for the worship service and wonderful fellowship.
God will bless you this week as you prepare to worship Jesus with others who love Him too.

Palm Sunday

April 2, 2009

Pastor Darrell Wenzek will provide a Palm Sunday message detailing what happened to Jesus as He arrived in Jerusalem. The text is found in Luke 19: 29-44. Of course He did weep, but not for Himself, instead for Jerusalem and all of us. We often forget how much Jesus wants us to come to Him and how He still weeps at our stubborn refusal to acknowledge Him. If you haven’t done that yet, you need to come and hear the message.
The Seder Dinner is all set, but there is still room for you at 6:30PM on April 8 at the Deer Laggon Grange Hall. Please call 331-7774 so we can know you are coming and plan accordingly.
It will be a great way to develop a greater appreciation for our Jewish heritage, and an understanding of God’s provisions for His people during the Exodus.
Easter Sunday will bring a celebration of the resurrection. We are going to have a wonderful day of worshiip followed by the fellowship of a great potluck. Please come and be blessed by The Lord and in fellowship with the body of believers.
God bless you and keep you this week.

The Changeless Christ

March 22, 2009

Of course Christ really is changeless as we will see when Pastor Ron preaches out of Hebrews Chapter 13 on March 29. His series out of Hebrews has been wonderful. Our membership really appreciates Biblical messages delivered by our two great preachers. We are amazed that God has so blessed us beyond our expectations with regard to preaching.
Of course you know about our Seder dinner and Easter plans if you have checked previous blog entries. We do have a sign up sheet for the Seder so you will want your name of it so we will have a seat for you. Please call Anita Craft at 331-7161 this week if you want her to put your name on the list.
We had about 25 in our two Sunday School groups this morning. Ken Goff will be leading the Samuel study. It is a study that is rich with history and its application to our lives today. The Acts group will be led this week by Pastor Ron Wedeking. It highlights some of the pivotal moments in the building of Christ’s church. Again we ask, “What does this have to do with our effort to build South Whidbey Community Church?” A whole lot I think! You should come at 9:00A, try us out, and be a part of some great discussions about the Bible and how it applies today.
God bless you this week.